Day 6  March 11, 2017  Quartzsite, CA to Salome, AZ

Temperature 54 when left this morning. By noon is was 85. Blue sky and sunny. Wind was welcome as a cooling breeze.  Total miles today – 46.5.  We spent the night at B-10 RV park which was next to the interstate. So instead of hearing owls we heard cars racing by. I tried to ignore them but…. Needless to say we are all tired tonight.

The ride today was beautiful. There were hills to climb and flats to pedal through. We were on interstate 10 for the first 12 miles and then exited onto Hwy 60.  Once on 60 we passed through the small town of Brenda and then 15 miles later the town of Hope. Hope what a special word-for all the people I am riding for I made a big wish in the small town of Hope that you will never lose HOPE. I also bought a big bottle of water, since the service stations are far and few between. It is so easy to get dehydrated here.

The yellow, purple, white and occasionally orange wild flowers along I-10 were breath taking. As I rode I told my sister, Nancy, that these flowers were for her. Hillsides were dotted with cacti and other plants.

We stayed on Hwy 60 the rest of today. Our campsite was in Salome. The town of Salome became famous when Dick Wick Hall opened a gas station and called it the Laughing Gas Station. His humorous signs attracted people to stop. His humorous writings were reprinted in the Saturday Evening Post. Due to this Salome, once a dot on the map became the best known small town in America. Also in Salome there is a memorial to the people that were killed on 9-11. They have a small piece of the World Trade Center in front of the memorial. Our campsite was at Centennial Park. To get to the campsite we rode on Salome Rd. My sister Nancy collected frogs for as long as I can remember so while riding I saw the sign “Frog Crossing” and I had to stop and take a picture. Then I noticed the high school and its sign read “Home of the Frogs”. I knew my sister was with me. The campsite setting was beautiful. Once again no wifi. We saw the sunset while we were eating dinner and then the almost full moon rise. How lucky I am to be a part of this. Days are hot, but it cools off in the evening. Once again I am typing while I am in my sleeping bag. Guess it is time to say goodnight. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. How quickly the time and miles are passing. Total miles: 319

White wildflowers are beginning to appear along the road side

Cacti in front with mountains in background

9-11 Memorial
Left to right – Evan, Jim, Andy, and Robin
Riding on Salome Rd.

Little Chapel after Home of the Frogs High School

Home for tonight

Author: BikerPatty

In 1994 on a high school marquee sign I saw that a teacher had just biked across America. At that point I decided that I was going to do that. That desire was reinforced year after year when my students would ask “What are you going to do when you retire?” My answer was always the same. “Bike Across America.” I had to wait 20 years till I retired from teaching and the passing of both my parents (92 and 94) before I would be able to fulfill this dream. On the night my dad died (12/2010) he said to me “Patty you have not done what you said you would do when you retired”. I said, “What is that dad?” “You said you were going to ride your bike across America.” That night I promised him that I was still planning on biking across America. Never did I imagine that the promise I made to my dad six years ago, the promise to fulfill my dream of riding my bike across America, would take me on this incredible journey.   As some of you know, I have ridden across America two times – one along the Northern route in 2014, and one across the central route of America in 2015.  This year, I will be biking along the southern route of America I will pass through the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Although my bike will still be my mode of travel for this journey, this trip brings some new challenges - our group will be camping and preparing our own meals, instead of staying in motels. My journey begins on March 5, in San Diego, California.  Here I will meet the other twelve members of our group. On March 6, we will commence the trip with the ceremonial dipping of our rear bike wheel in the Pacific Ocean before our 3,160-mile eastward journey begins.  59 days later, May 2 (51 days of biking with 8 rest days) we will dip our front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean at St. Augustine, Florida. I do these trips because I am passionate about biking; I am passionate about seeing our beautiful country from the seat of a bicycle and I am passionate about trying to make a difference in our world, a world where good people are inflicted with cancer.   Once again I am using this bike ride to raise money for early stage Cancer research, and clinical tests done through Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois.  I had a biking accident March 15, 2016 while training for the southern ride. I had a severe concussion, a chip bone in my shoulder, and many bruises.  The most difficult thing I had to do after the accident was to cancel my southern cross country trip. For almost one year I have dreamt of doing the southern cross country ride.  The motivation to heal and get back on my bike was to do this ride; the purpose of this ride was to raise money for cancer research, prevention and treatment. I have new respect for concussions.  The concussion impacted my ability to focus, to be able to read more than a few minutes, and to exercise without being totally exhausted for hours/ days. The exhaustion was due to my eyes being unable to track and my brain trying to make sense of it all.  I thought I would be fine in a couple of months, but unfortunately it took over 9 months before I could do these tasks.  With the help of family, friends, two special PT people, and my strong desire to get better I was able to regain most of what I had lost through the concussion.   My bike has been a great partner in this challenging recovery process. I feel very fortunate and grateful for how things have turned out.   It seems only appropriate that I will ride my bike to help others in their fight against cancer through fund raising for this wonderful cause. Donate on line today go to

5 thoughts on “Day 6  March 11, 2017  Quartzsite, CA to Salome, AZ”

  1. Wow, great pictures. I’m so sorry your sister passed. I remember you asking me to pray for her.

    Looking forward to seeing you in TX.


  2. Great blog post mom. Love reading about your journey and everything you are getting to experience. Safe travels – I can’t believe it’s been a week since I said goodbye to you in San Diego and how far you have ridden already. You are simply amazing. Love you and Miss you. -t


  3. Patty, I read one posting before posting your blog to mine. I am so glad I did. Your writing gave me such a vivid picture of the day I drove by quickly in the van.

    I thought of you and your sister Nancy today as I passed all those highways signs in memory of people others loved so dearly. We are so fortunate to have the physical strength and mental perserence that we have. And what a beautiful natural world we live in. l LOVe your photos too.



  4. Pat, I continue to enjoy your blog and musings while cycling. Funny the connections one can make – with warm memories, old friends, relatives no longer on earth – while riding along with only your thoughts as companions.

    I rode the St. Patrick’s Day ride in Wauconda on Sunday – pretty rolling contours on a sunny but chilly – 40s – morning. If you haven’t tried it, I’ll remind you about it next spring. Theme of the ride: Anyone can ride in warm weather.

    Oral surgery yesterday – nothing serious – so I will be out of the saddle for 2 weeks. Ellen and I head to Denver for spring break so I won’t be near a bike anyway. I miss not riding already. Be safe!



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